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In this moving and sensitive gem of a story, Steve Cushman takes us to the grounds of a city hospital, places where hope and despair, death and healing exist side by side. But when a hopscotch board mysteriously keeps reappearing on a sidewalk near the hospital entrance, despite attempts to have it scrubbed away, what occurs is a kind of miracle. This is not the miracle that makes patients well or alters the reality of their conditions. Rather it is the miracle that comes from remembered joys and shared laughter, from choosing to live fully. Cushman’s wonderful cast of will warm your heart, allowing you to believe again in the power of friendship rediscovered over a childhood game.
-- Miriam Herin, Novello Literary Award winning author of ABSOLUTION and A STONE FOR BREAD

Steve Cushmon's Hopscotch transported me back to a time when I believed anything was possible and hope was tangible. What a beautiful story of the human spirit and how our arbitrary lives sometimes intertwine without notice. Original and stirring.
- Celeste Fletcher McHale, Okra Pick and bestselling author of THE SECRET TO HUMMINGBIRD CAKE

Hopscotch by Steve Cushman is the uplifing tale of how the simplicity of a Hopscotch board becomes a “game changer” — morphing the complicated lives of those living in a hospital, especially a terminally ill eight-year-old girl. The novel is painful, passionate, hopeful, and ultimately magical — a true triumph-of-the-spirit tale.
- Lisa Barr, award-winning author of Fugitive Colors.