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I have taught a variety of creative writing classes and am available to come visit your school or location to lead a writing workshop. Fell free to contact me @ jsmslb@aol.com


Flash Fiction—Sometimes Less is More
In this workshop, we'll explore the exciting genre of Flash Fiction. We'll define what makes a piece of writing flash and how this is similar, yet different, from other forms of fiction. We'll look at how you can pack a satisfying story in less than 1,000 words, paying close attention to language and plot and character. We'll read some contemporary Flash Fiction and get started writing our own flash stories with the help of prompts and exercises. You'll leave the workshop with a variety of resources for you to continue your study of Flash Fiction, including a list of journals and magazines that publish flash.


Starting Your Short Story: Plot, Character, and Conflict
This is an overview of short fiction: what makes it tick and the importance of character, plot and conflict. We'll read selections of fiction and start writing our own.


Living A Creative Life: How To Write When You're Busy Living
I'm busy, you're busy, we're all busy. In this workshop, we'll look at strategies for finding time to write in our otherwise busy lives.


Narrative Poetry: What's The Story?
We'll take a look at the craft of narrative poetry by reading sample narrative poems and, through prompts and exercises, begin writing some of our own.


Holy Trinity Servant leadership School (6-week, 2hrs per week)
This expressive writing workshop will provide you with the opportunity to write about what matters most to you. In a small group setting, we will engage in structured writing exercises and read and discuss writing that deals with matters of the heart and spirit. We will look at ways of generating ideas about your unique experiences and then sharing those ideas in a comfortable environment.

Guilford Technical Community College (6-week, 2hrs per week)
This is a nuts and bolts fiction writing workshop designed for beginning and intermediate writers. We will read a selection of published short stories, looking at what elements make good fiction: conflict, character development, beginnings, endings, dialogue, etc. We will discuss the importance of revision and a regular writing and reading schedule. Participants will be expected to submit at least one short story, or novel excerpt, for class discussion.


Guilford technical Community College (6-week, 2hrs per week)
This expressive writing workshop is all about you! By using writing prompts and journaling, this class will help you get started writing your life stories. We will look at ways of generating ideas about yourself and your unique experiences. We'll do lots of writing and sharing in a comfortable and safe workshop environment. We'll also discuss the importance of reading and writing regularly. Prior writing experience is not required.


Greensboro Center for Creativity (6-week, 2hrs per week)
The Write Motivation
The Write Motivation is a class designed to help writers unleash their creativity and elevate their prose. During the two-hour, six week course, participants will learn:


• Two distinct writing modes all writers must grasp to become successful. 
• How to stay motivated 
• Concepts and techniques to improve your prose 
• Why too much description can short circuit the story 
• How to create satisfying plots 
• Guidelines for submitting your work 
• The pros and cons of traditional publishing vs. self- publishing 







Moses Cone Memorial Hospital (4 weeks, lunch and learn series)
A Creative Writing Workshop for Health-Care Employees
In this writing workshop, health-care professionals will be able to write about their experiences in a setting with others who have had similar experiences. Some employees may have been writing for years, keeping a daily journal, or perhaps writing poetry or even short stories. This writing may have come from your imagination or from a patient or a situation at work that has moved you. The aim of the course will be for you to feel comfortable writing about your experiences at work, as well as other aspects of your life, and from your imagination, and to see writing as a creative outlet, an opportunity for your voice to be heard.


Moses Cone Memorial Hospital (4 weeks, lunch and learn series)
Expressive Writing for Health Care Workers
This expressive writing workshop provides Cone Health employees the opportunity to write about the morally complex and dramatic experiences that are part of daily life in a hospital. You are invited to join a small group that will engage in structured writing exercises and read and discuss published creative writing about healthcare and by healthcare workers. We will share our experiences and explore the barriers to writing about difficult situations. Sharing will be invited but not required. Previous experience or comfort with writing is not necessary.