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Expressive Writing

Expressive Writing Class is Back in 2023!!



(via Zoom)


Six Mondays, 7:00 - 8:30 pm (March 27th -May 1st) 


This expressive writing workshop will provide you with the opportunity to write about what matters most to you.  In a small group setting, we will engage in structured writing exercises and read and discuss writing, primarily poetry and brief essays, that deals with matters of the heart.  We will look at ways of generating ideas about your unique experiences and then sharing those ideas in a comfortable environment.  


Each week we will:

-write to prompts & in-class exercises

-each week bring in one piece of revised writing

-the artist date!



Couple other things to consider:

--This not a critique workshop but a generative workshop where students write to prompts and share what they are comfortable sharing.

--Please note if you miss a session I send a recap each week, so you'll have access to everything we covered.



Cost is $200


Please email me if you have questions or to register:



I look forward to writing with you!



Steve Cushman